Don't let opportunities pass you by

Increasingly, decision-makers are turning to the web to conduct investigation and research prior to making purchases. On any given day, dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of prospects and existing customers visit corporate web sites. Yet, most companies have no means of identifying, tracking, or pursuing these prospects effectively.

Such customer intelligence is the central element of the Aptive Intelligence Suite. Aptive captures and provides specific, useful and valuable prospect and customer-centric information. The Aptive solution:

  • Provides a means and a motivation for high-value prospects and customers to register at a company's web site
  • Seamlessly tracks online activities of prospects and customers
  • Includes the necessary tools, options and best practices to protect the customers' privacy
  • Can be fully outsourced as a hosted service or deployed as a turn-key solution
  • Provides secure, comprehensive reporting of prospect behavior and interest areas to appropriate marketing and/or sales personnel

Aptive offers companies a wealth of customer intelligence that is often the difference between closing or losing an opportunity -- or worse, not knowing that the opportunity even existed.


Intelligence when you want it, where you want it

The true value of customer intelligence lies in how effectively that knowledge is used to retain existing customers and acquire new ones.

The Aptive Intelligence Suite is designed not only to gather relevant data on customer behavior and interests, but to also provide a highly effective means by which a sales force can leverage that information.

Aptive automatically distributes key customer intelligence to appropriate sales and/or marketing personnel, in accordance with customizable business rules. This may include immediate notification of ‘VIP' prospect behavior to appropriate sales leaders or representatives, for timely follow-up. Equally important, Aptive offers companies proven processes to effectively utilize the intelligence gathered.

Aptive applies significant experience and expertise in the nuances of web intelligence-facilitated sales, to help companies greatly increase the sales and marketing organization's responsiveness, effectiveness and efficiency.


Keep your customers informed and interested

In today's environment, sales cycles can be lengthy and competitors are ever-present. To be successful, companies must continually reinforce the value of their products and services to their customers and prospects. Email marketing is an increasingly important and cost-effective means by which companies can communicate with their customers and prospects.

The Aptive Intelligence Suite includes a wholly integrated, full-featured, and easy-to-use email marketing system. Companies can send personalized, html and/or text messages, to prospects and customers via an easy-to-use web-based wizard. The system handles recipient lists gathered from web site visitors, as well as from other sources. It also provides full-featured privacy and opt-in/opt-out options.

The email marketing system is flexible, proven, and scalable – and an integral part of leveraging the Internet as a tool for business communications.


Multi-channel intelligence

The Aptive Intelligence Suite provides comprehensive campaign tracking to measure the effectiveness of a company's multi-channel marketing efforts.

Today, marketing campaigns can encompass both, online and offline channels. On the Internet, these may include outbound email, banner advertisements, search engine placement or partnerships with other web sites that link to the organization's web site. Offline, companies may conduct marketing campaigns in print as well as other media. Such marketing activities often direct prospects to the company's web site.

The Aptive Intelligence Suite allows companies to track marketing campaigns across any number of channels, whether the campaign is a simple email marketing effort or a comprehensive initiative encompassing the web, print, radio and television.

When combined with the specific, prospect/customer intelligence captured by Aptive, the campaign tracking assures companies of a comprehensive solution that fully leverages the Internet to facilitate marketing and sales.


Supercharge your existing CRM solution

The Aptive Intelligence Suite is highly focused on customers and prospects, but it is not designed to be a complete customer relationship management system. Instead, it is architected in such a manner as to integrate smoothly with a wide range of CRM solutions. It allows companies to leverage their existing systems while gaining the functionality, intelligence and immediate business value provided by the Aptive Intelligence Suite.

Combined with a company's CRM solution, Aptive's customer and tracking data can provide customer-facing personnel with additional, relevant customer information – whether the goal is to facilitate new sales, cross selling, or customer service interactions.

Whatever the needs of a given organization, Aptive's proven architecture leverages web services, XML, and other industry standards to enable integration with CRM software.

For more information on integrating the Aptive Intelligence Suite with your company's customer relationship management system, please contact us.

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