Case Study

Turning a web site into a valuable lead generator

A national, publicly held consulting firm provides professional services and related products to customers throughout the world. The firm's customers consist of Fortune 1000 companies as well as other large public and private enterprises.

The firm had been using its web site to offer relevant information to clients and prospects, and had been gauging results of its web initiatives via aggregate web analytics tools. In addition, the company had been requesting email addresses and basic contact information from prospects interested in the company's services. However, the company was unable to gather substantial, usable intelligence on prospects' ongoing online activities and areas of interest, and its sales force had little relevant data for leads generated or nurtured online.

With the implementation of the Aptive Intelligence Suite, the company was able to collect substantially more information on its customers and prospects. The sales force was given highly specific, useful, and timely information about customer and prospect interests that facilitated follow-up and increased the closure rate by over 15%, and the quantity of leads generated by the web site increased by over 50%.

Additionally, the company uses the Aptive Intelligence Suite's integrated email marketing system and campaign tracking capabilities, in conjunction with an internal customer relationship management system. The result is a fully integrated view of customer data, encompassing all touch points offline and online for customers and prospects, as well as a system for high-quality, cost-effective ongoing communications with those customers.

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