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A flexible, stable foundation

The Aptive Intelligence Suite is a highly scalable, stable, extensible and manageable best-of-breed software asset developed to fulfill a specific set of critical business processes. Its standards-based architecture allows for quick stand-alone deployment or, as required by the business, full customization and integration with enterprise applications.

The Aptive software is completely platform independent and can support virtually any web site environment. In some cases, no software needs to be installed on a customer’s web site; in other cases, a small software component is added to the customer’s web server (Microsoft IIS or Apache). All the processing and functionality of the Aptive Intelligence Suite is otherwise independent of the customer’s existing web environment, minimizing or eliminating any impact on the customer’s existing infrastructure.

Aptive’s architecture is built on industry standards including:

  • J2EE
  • XML
  • Web Services -- components exposure and utilization
  • De-facto and industry customer information XML Schemas, DTD’s or standards (OASIS, W3C)
  • LDAP
  • SSL

Aptive is designed to facilitate integration with other enterprise applications.


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