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Here are some real-world challenges facing businesses as they attempt to integrate new customer intelligence technology into their ongoing marketing efforts. (For an example of a potential solution to these challenges, read our case study.)

CRM INITIATIVES at many companies have failed. Yet according to a recent CIO Magazine Tech Poll, 35 percent of executives surveyed in May said their organizations will launch CRM initiatives this year. Likewise, a recent IDC forecast expects the U.S. market for CRM services to grow at a combined annual growth rate of 6.7 percent from 2002 to 2007, reaching $12.1 billion in annual revenue by 2007.

But the success rate of CRM initiatives is low. An AMR Research study shows that, to date, only 16 percent of CRM initiatives have returned value.”

CRM: Desperately Seeking Success
compiled by Lorraine Cosgrove, Aug. 1, 2003 Issue of CIO Magazine

“… a recent Merrill Lynch survey of CIOs at large companies found that 45 percent of those surveyed were not satisfied with CRM…”

ZDNet, July, 2002

“… According to Gartner, ‘… the complexity of enterprises' needs will preclude any single vendor from delivering more than 25 percent of CRM application requirements for an enterprise through 2004…enterprises will rely on best-of-breed applications for 75 percent of their CRM software requirements .'…

…CRM suites are no better integrated than the best-of- breed approach. While conventional wisdom says buying software from a suite vendor will result in better integration, the truth, according to Patricia Seybold Group senior analyst, Mitch Kramer, is that the promise of better integration is a myth. Kramer should know; he has evaluated all of the major suite vendors as well as many best-of-breed applications”

CRM Vendors are Sweet on Suites - But Their Market Doesn't Really Exist
By Yuchun Lee, August 26, 2003 Issue of DM Review

"... the Web implicitly records every activity... Ironically this treasure chest of customer data is largely untapped. Most organizations have encountered significant barriers to managing the sheer volume of data generated by Web interactions.... analytic solutions either do not scale well or do not provide the right information... limitations in Web analytics will hamper the ability to judge the Web site as a customer channel."

Building Robust Web Analytics - Web Analytics Essentials
By Kurt Schlegel, June 2003 Issue of Internet World

Experts agree, and common sense dictates, that the key to address these challenges is to use best-of-breed solutions and keep it simple. This is fundamental to Aptive's philosophy and approach.

Read more about Aptive's successful response to these market challenges in our case study.

case study

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