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Technology and the personal touch

The rapid proliferation of Internet technology has created many new possibilities and channels for businesses. It also has the potential to be a quagmire in the making: as technology becomes more pervasive and complex, the necessary cultural changes to truly exploit it often lag far behind.

This is particularly the case with CRM and other customer-centric solutions, which hold the promise of substantially improving interactions and relationships with prospects and customers. On one hand, essential organizational and business processes transformations are difficult and slow to happen. On the other hand, the promise of such technology and its possibilities can be so dazzling and confusing that “the basics” are sometimes, if not often, abandoned or forgotten. As a result, there is an exceedingly high rate of failure of IT projects, especially with CRM.

Aptive's Intelligence Suite addresses this challenge -- it successfully leverages the Internet for the opportunity to deliver good old-fashioned and inimitable personal attention. And it does so without requiring enormous changes to the organization's behavior – yielding substantial, measurable results with easily implemented improvements to Internet-centric sales and/or marketing processes.

Read more about the current trends and Aptive's successful response in our case study.

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