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Don't let opportunities pass you by

Increasingly, decision-makers are turning to the web to conduct investigation and research prior to making purchases. On any given day, dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of prospects and existing customers visit corporate web sites. Yet, most companies have no means of identifying, tracking, or pursuing these prospects effectively.

Such customer intelligence is the central element of the Aptive Intelligence Suite. Aptive captures and provides specific, useful and valuable prospect and customer-centric information. The Aptive solution:

  • provides a means and a motivation for high-value prospects and customers to register at a company's web site
  • seamlessly tracks online activities of prospects and customers
  • includes the necessary tools, options and best practices to protect the customers' privacy
  • provides secure, comprehensive reporting of prospect behavior and interest areas to appropriate marketing and/or sales personnel

Aptive offers companies a wealth of customer intelligence that is often the difference between closing or losing an opportunity -- or worse, not knowing that the opportunity even existed.

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